Project Management

Plan, Organize, Motivate.

When considering your IT objectives, consider that at Morgen Industries, we’ve already faced the same challenges you face. Our strategies are built from obstacles already overcome, real world experience and accomplishment.

Our team will ensure your specific goals are achieved and exceeded through methodologies designed to optimize your resources. We anticipate uncertainties, control your budget, and produce quantifiable results.

Morgen Industries' procedures will provide well defined deliverables, giving you a minute by minute overview of your project from start to completion.

  • Data Center Site Selection
  • Data Center Design
    • Floor Plan
    • Cable Infrastructure Design
    • Cable Port Labeling
  • Best Practice Planning
  • Action Item Updates
  • Application Dependency Assessment
  • Inventory Assessment & Verification
  • Cerrent State Assessment
  • Power Assessment
  • Cooling Assessment
  • Strategic Implementation Process

Testing & Auditing

As major corporations upgrade their systems, detailed inventories and values need to be assessed for resale or recycling. At Morgen Industries, we provide a detailed inventory audit for your records. Within our 15,000 sq ft Warehouse, we have a fully operational lab for testing and auditing all types of equipment:

  • Desktops
  • Monitors
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Mid-range and Mainframe


In a case where equipment needs to be warehoused prior to sale or recycling; Short term and long term warehousing services are available regardless of inventory size.