Frequently Asked Questions

Q:       What types of programs does Morgen Industries offer?
A:       Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-yearly, and Yearly.

Q:       What types of equipment does Morgen Industries Recycle?
A:       Servers, PC's, Monitors, Printers, Switches, PDA's/Cell Phones etc.

Q:       Are Morgen Industries Team Members Bonded?
A:       YES.

Q:       Is Morgen Industries Licensed?
A:       YES. EPA # - NJR000042812, Air Quality - GEN090001, NJDEP Permit # CDG090001

Q:       Does Morgen Industries offer a Certificate of Recycling?
A:       YES.

Q:       What types of payments does Morgen Industries Accept?
A:       Cash, Credit Card, Company Check, and Wire Transfer

Q:       Can Morgen Industries handle National / International Pickups?
A:       YES.

Q:       Does Morgen Industries offer Public Technology/Computer Recycling Drop Offs?
A:       Yes, all drop offs are based on a per piece fee.