Data Center Relocation
A preventative maintenance program ensures an optimal environment
and helps prevent downtime.

At Morgen Industries, Data Centers are our area of expertise. We employ only highly trained and experienced technicians utilizing equipment and cleaning supplies designed for computer room environments. Our professional staff of skilled technicians will provide proper data center cleaning, increasing the performance and reliability of data center processing equipment.

Subfloor Surface and Raised Floor Surface Cleaning
Subfloor surface cleaning includes vacuuming the concrete subfloor chamber using specialized filtered vacuums. Removing this contamination eliminates the build-up of dust that can be carried into your room's air flow. Raised floor surface cleaning includes vacuuming and damp mopping the floor surface with specialty cleaning products.
Interior Server Cabinet and Exterior Equipment Surface Cleaning
Interior server cabinet cleaning includes the surface of the cabinet doors, server exhaust fans, and surfaces of the devices. Surfaces are vacuumed using filtered vacuums and wiped clean using an anti-static cleaner. Exterior equipment surface cleaning includes cabinets, equipment, and workstations. These areas and devices are vacuumed and wiped clean with anti-static cleaner.
Ceiling and Cable Raceway Cleaning
Ceiling cleaning includes overhead cleaning by vacuuming above the drop ceiling tiles using specialized filtered vacuums. Overhead cable raceways, trays and ducts are vacuumed and wiped clean with an anti-static cleaner.
Cable Removal (Cable Mining)
To comply with the 2002 National Electric Code (NEC), abandoned cables must be removed. We remove all types of cables including bus & tag, network and fiber optics. Removing old and unused cables from the sub floor improves air-flow, cooling equipment properly, and minimizing fire hazards. Removal of cables can be safely completed while systems are up and running.
Post-Construction & Disaster Recovery Cleaning
Construction projects generate vast amounts of dust. Water and smoke residues contain salts and acids that corrode metal surfaces. Should a disaster strike, our technicians are prepared for the unpredictable. We strive to quickly restore your Data Center and computer environments to standard operations.
All Technology Environments Can Benefit:
  • Equipment (Server Cabinets, UPS, Air Handlers, etc)
  • Sub-floor / Access Floor / VCT Floor Cleaning
  • Sub-floor Sealing
  • Ceiling / Above Ceiling Cleaning
  • Command Consoles
  • Anti-Static Strip and Wax
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Disaster Recovery Cleaning
Recommended Cleaning Frequencies:
Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance

Data Center equipment cleanliness can be maintained by establishing a consistent cleaning schedule.